「Integrated solution」Building service capacity

Baoxiang's integrated solutions are specially tailored for your production needs. Our staff will provide comprehensive suggestions including equipment process, schedule, intersection control, construction cost and production control based on more than 5250 actual cases and design experience. Integrated thinking is very important, which will directly affect the construction and operating costs. Baoxiang also provides innovative customized services for local equipment.

Cooperate with neimengdu sheep industry to develop
Vehicle-mounted Cattle and Sheep Slaughter System.
Participate in the research and development of the fully enclosed and pollution-free slaughterhouse.
QingdaoProduct Center

Baoxiang products inherit the exquisite craft of Qingdao, the birthplace of China's slaughtering machinery_ Pragmatic and durable. We can provide complete sets of equipment and flexible single equipment and parts according to customers' requirements. We remind our customers to establish the key process of equipment, and the customized Accessory Package in production can carry out active preventive maintenance and reduce downtime. Welcome to inquire.

Cooperative customers
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